1989-1990 Strat O Matic Full Replay

Started on Thanksgiving Weekend 2015, this is a full as-played replay of the 1989-1990 NHL Season. The full 840-Game regular season schedule will be played in order. Real lineups from each game will be used from www.HockeyReference.com. The actual starting goaltenders will also be used (but as discussed later, may get pulled in a game (or not) which would vary from the real-life boxscore). Lines will be used based first on Strat O Matics roster sheet suggestions, then completing lineups with using best judgement. All 60-105 Playoff games will be played using the 1989-90 Regular Season performance. Existing injuries, suspensions, etc. will be observed during the playoffs. All-Star Weekend in Pittsburgh will also be observed and simulated.

This write-up is a love-letter to this last great era of NHL Hockey. I have been working on this project for months and have performed extensive research on the NHL, individual teams, and players. I have also obtained many photographs and easter eggs. In addition, sometimes past games are referenced from previous seasons and at points, youtube clips are linked (and this includes the Don Cherry Rock Em Sock Em Hockey videos from 1988-1989 and 1989-1990). I try to speak about the past and present as if it is 1989-1990, but also may give little nods to the future, such as the ripple effect of the Tom Kurvers trade, and highlighting the Russian players obtained by the Detroit Red Wings (who would later play a major part in shifting the power of the NHL in the coming decade or two). Judging by the difficulty in finding information, there is nowhere else with as much centralized information on the 1988-1990 NHL on the internet. This 1989-1990 season will be posted here in chronological order, and also a physical copy has been preserved. Statistics are compiled using an intuitive excel sheet where I enter full boxscores, and statistics and standings are populated.

The games will be played using Strat-O-Matics updated 1989-1990 card set and Cards and Dice full Super Advanced Rules as stated in the instruction manual. The one variation to be used is for a shot for Any Player, a 6-sided or 20-sided die will be rolled to determine which of the highest-offensive-rated player gains the shot or option. If there is an outside shot with an option, another roll of a 6-sided die is made to determine whether the player shoots, attempts to penetrate, or passes based on his tendency rating.

For penetration, the Super Advanced Penetration Determination Chart will be used in the instruction manual.

All rules will revert to the 1989-1990 season. They include 5 minute 5-on-5 overtime in the regular season, ties (worth one point), and replace players on coincidental matching penalties.

There will be no in-game injuries. In the case of a split reading that an injury may occur, play will continue. If there is an obvious or known goalie injury in-game, that will be observed.

In-game fatigue will be used and in the event of fatigue the backup goalie may be substituted and will be determined based on historical records and Doug Norris work at Doug Norris Historical Goalie Usage Data. Fatigue rating/consecutive games will not be used.

Games are played in order by date as appearing on Strat-O-Matics schedule that came with the card-set. This is due to my inability to locate specific game times.

Attendance is based on each teams average attendance. In the event I was able to locate actual attendance data, the real attendance is used, and a future home game will be adjusted to get the team back to the average attendance. In this case, if higher attendance is needed, the game would likely feature a Division rival, and if lower is needed for the adjustment, it will likely be a game vs. a team from the other Conference.

At the end of Saturdays games every week, there will be a summary, covering current league news, standings, and happenings throughout the week. These will often blur fiction and what plays out on my table top.

As research is being done for this project, past write-ups are being adjusted. This entire picture is a work in progress.

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