The 1989-1990 Season looks to be wide open with any number of teams looking to be contenders.You have very strong teams the Smythe Division with Edmonton, Calgary, and Los Angeles, Adams Division with Boston, Montreal, and Buffalo, Patrick with the Rangers, Islanders, and New Jersey, and Norris with Chicago.

1989-1990 Preview


Many people view the Calgary Flames as the favorites to win the Stanley Cup and repeat as Champions.Hockey Digest sees the Division winners as Pittsburgh, Montreal, Detroit, and Calgary with the Rangers, Islanders, Quebec, Toronto, and Winnipeg missing the playoffs.


Strat O Matic Prognosticators have provided the following predictions:

Oilers over Bruins in Finals for the Stanley Cup


The All-Star Game this year is slated to be held in Pittsburgh on January 21st.This yearís game will feature the first edition of the Heroes of Hockey Game featuring two periods of all-time greats.There will also be a National Hockey League All-Star Skills Competition which will showcase the skills of the All-Stars.The game will also be moved to Sunday instead of Tuesday and will be broadcast nationally in the United States on NBC, who will be allowed to conduct player interviews during stoppages in play.†† It will likely be the first time a National audience will see Wayne Gretzky and Mario Lemieux play.

This season, there is the backdrop of the controversial decision to award the Hart Trophy to Wayne Gretzky.Will Mario Lemieux again outscore The Great One and claim the Hart Trophy?Will breakout Detroit Red Wings center Steve Yzerman climb further into the discussion as the best player in the sport?Can Mark Messier and the Oilers return to greatness without The Great One?Will Los Angeles with the addition of Larry Robinson take another step and claim a Stanley Cup for Southern California?Will the Flames repeat?