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Skills Competition Puck Control Relay - The Wales sweep two heats as Brian Propp and Kirk Muller anchored each team to victory over the Campbell skaters
Pittsburgh Civic Arena Hardest Shot - Al MacInnis wins the hardest shot competition by clocking a 94 MPH shot.  Also had the 2nd highest at 93, tied with Stephane Richer
Rapid Fire - Patrick Roy makes 14 saves on 15 shots.  Gretzky shut out to delight of crowd, while Lemieux buried final 3 shots
Final Score Fastest Skater - Phil Housley burns around the ice, taking the top preliminary time, then edging out Mike Gartner with the last run of the finals
Campbell Conference
10 Accuracy Shooting - Ray Bourque dazzles, hitting all targets in 7 shots, but next up, Steve Duchesne only needs 5 shots to hit the 4 targets to claim victory and brings the Campbell within 5
Wales Conference
30 Breakaway Relay - With the competition on the line, the breakway relay was even right to the last round where Patrick Roy saved 5 of 6 shots and Rick Tocchet beat Kirk McLean to clinch it for the Wales
Puck Control Relay Roll 1 6 sided die.  1-3 gets 0 points, 4-6 gets 1 point to account for trip to puck.  Roll for Penetration vs PK.  Need 7 Successful Penetrations to account for each cone.  Add up number of attempts for rudimentary "Time"
Best of 3 races.  If 3rd race is needed, winning team from each conference participates Winning Conference gets 5 points
Wales Conference Time Time Time Total Wales Conference Time Time Time Total
Housley, P 11     33 Coffey, P 14     39
Wales Conference 5
Lemieux, M   13     Turgeon, P   14    
Propp, B     9   Muller, K     11  
Campbell Conference Time Time Time Total Campbell Conference Time Time Time Total
Lowe, K 22     43 Iafrate, A 17     46
Gretzky, W   12     Larmer, S   15    
Smail, D     9   Nieuwendyk, J     14  
Hardest Shot - Roll ( 3) 20 Sided Die.  Average the 3 results and round.  Add average to 80 for the result.  If 3 of a kind, re-roll, Radar did not register.
Hardest shot gets 5 points for their Conference.  Winning shot gets $3,000, runner up gets $2,500
Wales Conference 1st 2nd
Neely, C 86 86
Richer, S 91 93
Campbell Conference
Chelios, C 90 87 MacInnis, A 94
Tocchet, R 88 86
Bourque, R 88 91
Campbell Conference 1st 2nd
MacInnis, A 94 93
Hull, B 89 91
Gartner, M 88 85
Wilson, D 90 86
Iafrate, A 89 88
Rapid Fire - Team of 3 players shoots on a goal.  Each player takes all 5 shots and on to the next player
All Goalies go.  Different teams of players each time (6 different shooters for each team)
Refer to inside shot column.  If necessary, roll split or figure goalie rating.  "+" is counted as a goal (complete play GR or Split if Needed).  X-Reb counts as a goal
Most saves as a team gets 5 points for the Conference
Team 1 Saves Team 2 Saves
Wales Conference
Wales Conference Duchesne, S Kurri, J Nicholls, B Mullen, J Gretzky, W Cavallini, P Total Roy, P 14
Puppa, D X - - - - - - - - X - - - - X           12
Roy, P       - X - - - - - - - -  - - - - - 14 Total Wales Saves 26
Campbell Conference Leetch, B Corson, S Sakic, J Hatcher, K Neely, C Lemieux, M  
Vernon, M X - X X - - - - - X - - - - X           10
McLean, K       - X X - X X X - X - - - X X X 6 Total Campbell Saves 16
Fastest Skater - 5 Points awarded to Conference with fastest individual time
Roll a (3) 20-Sided Die.  Average (no round) and multiply by .01.  If 3 of a kind, average, cut in half, and roll a second time (player stumbles).  Add number to .743.  Roll 4 6-sided die.  Add and add to time
If a player rolls 3 of a kind of 20-sided die twice, there is an error in timing and he has to re-run.  Add .075 to his final score for his second run
Example:  Player A rolls a 12, 6, and a 4 with 20-sided.  Average is 7.33.  Time is .816.  4 6-sided = 14.  Final Time is .830
Wales Conference Time
Richer, S .823
Wales Conference
Campbell Conference Housley, P .795
Messier, M .794
Wales Conference
Housley, P .783
Campbell Conference
Smail, D .946
Wales Conference
LaFontaine, P .870
Campbell Conference
Yzerman, S .789
Wales Conference
Propp, B .914
Campbell Conference
Iafrate, A .850
Wales Conference
Leetch, B .833
Campbell Conference
Gartner, M .811
Final 4 (4 Best Times) Time Conference
Gartner, M .809 Campbell Conference
Messier, M .823 Campbell Conference
Yzerman, S .857 Campbell Conference
Housley, P .795 Wales Conference
Accuracy Shooting - 5 points awarded to team with best individual shooter
4 Targets.  10 Chances Maximum.  Roll 1 6-sided die.  Need to get all of 1, 2, 3, and 4.  5 & 6 or repeats are misses
Wales Conference Targets Shots
Andreychuk, D X X X 10
Campbell Conference
Campbell Conference Duchesne, S 4/5
Robitaille, L X X X 10
Wales Conference
Bourque, R X X X X 7
Campbell Conference
Duchesne, S X X X X 5
Wales Conference
Francis, R X X X X 10
Campbell Conference
Messier, M X X X 10
Wales Conference
Sakic, J X X 10
Campbell Conference
Mullen, J X X X 10
Breakaway Relay - Teams of 3 players try to shoot on a goalie on breakways.  Each player goes twice in a row.  It was timed.  15 Points for team who scores the most goals
Refer to the shooter's breakway shooting column.  Resolve any Goal, Goal+, Goalie Rating, Goalie Rating + as required.  X-Reb is a goal
Campbell Conference Shot 1 Shot 2 Goaltender